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Tips for Buying 4WD Mag Wheel Packages Online

In some cases, 4WDs just need new rims. Maybe, the old wheels are damaged, or they just don’t look like you want them to. Whatever your reason for considering 4WD mag wheel packages, you can’t just buy any set of wheels—fitment is important. In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the right wheels, and you’ll also learn how a mismatched set of alloys can cause real problems down the road.


Variables in Tyre Selection

There are a few variables to consider when selecting the right wheels for your 4WD. When you know the correct measurements for your vehicle, it’s easier to find the right wheel and tyre package. These measurements include:

  • Tyre width. It’s measured from the sidewalls, and given in millimeters. Most wheels can only hold a limited range of tyre widths. Wider tyres typically offer better handling, but they’re often more costly and they can decrease fuel economy.
  • The ratio of tyre width to sidewall is given as a percentage of the overall width of the tyre. For instance, if the ratio is 75, the sidewall height is 75% of the tyre width. Shorter sidewalls increase handling, but they can leave rims more vulnerable to damage.
  • Wheel and tyre diameter must match. Diameters are typically between 14 and 18″, but measurements can change with aftermarket alloys. A larger rim offers increased handling, but they are more costly.

Benefits of Plus Sizing 4WD Mag Wheel Packages

Plus size mags can improve a vehicle’s handling, steering, cornering and style. Bigger tyres create a larger area of contact with the road, and sidewalls are shorter. There are three ways to size up: plus zero, plus one and plus two. New tyres are typically more expensive than the old ones, and you may need to buy a spacer or other adapter to get wider tyres to fit your vehicle.

Finding Wheels and Tyres Online

Now that you know a little more about 4WD wheels and tyres, you can start your search for the perfect set. You will need some basic information about your vehicle, such as its make and model. By researching sellers that are having a rims sale before you buy, you can be assured that you’ll get just what you’re paying for.

Getting the right alloys on your 4WD is important in the vehicle’s style and handling. It’s important that 4WD mag wheel packages fit properly, and we hope the info we’ve provided is helpful. By considering what you’ve learned here, you can greatly simplify the wheel buying process.

Looking For Mag Wheels Brisbane? Read This First!

So you are looking for a reputable wheel specialist? Before you lock down on your desired mags, there are a bunch of questions that you should ask.

What types of mag wheels are available? Which mags have the best performance? What type of wheel is going to suit your requirements?

The wheels on a car definitely help in enhancing the overall statement. Not only do they impact the aesthetics, wheels are also important for the performance and safety of your car. Since wheels are the single point of contact between your car and the road, it is crucial to opt for the best quality in order to fit your requirement.

If you are more of a long distance driver, then you should opt for premium quality wheels, because good wheels will give you more security and better fuel efficiency.


What is The Difference Between Mag Wheels and Steel Wheels?

Generally, most car wheels are made out of steel. These are made for resistance. They have no aesthetic appearance. Over the past few years, people are becoming more image conscious when it comes to their rides. Alloy wheels are typically made out of Aluminum and other metals and are called Mag Wheels, and many other parts of the world.


How to Choose your Mags?

Due to the increasing number of different car manufacturers and models, selecting the right mag wheels for your vehicles may be a cumbersome process. If you are not sure about what type of mag wheel you should purchase, you should consult a certified rim dealer. An Expert should be able to narrow down your list of options based on a number of factors like, general driving weather conditions, terrain, purpose and type of vehicle.


There are two options for shopping for Alloy Wheels

1. Wheel Refurbishment: This option is for people who want to keep their existing wheels and tyres. You need to find out the size of your tyres. Once you know the size of your tyres you can get your wheels refurbished. This option will allow you to keep your existing tyres and enjoy the benefits of Mag Wheels.

2. New and Bigger Alloys: The second option is obviously for people looking for a new set of wheels. If you want bigger Mags for your car, then you have to source both the new kumho tyres online and alloys. Thus, you have the option for searching for new alloy wheels and sizes.

As technology advances, aluminum wheels are slowly becoming cheaper as manufacturing improves. These are the best options for your vehicle. Talk to a dedicate tyre expert here, to know more about selecting the right Mag Wheels Brisbane.